3d Projects

Showreel 2013

Reel Breakdown
For the past ten years I have worked at Berlin based companies as a generalist, specialising in animation with Maya and using Motionbuilder for motion capture editing. I am very interested in animation, 3d generalist and vfx jobs.
Specialties: Maya Animator / 3D Generalist, Vray Rendering, Motionbuilder Animation / Mocap Editing, Basic Compositing Skills

Jumper (2013)
In 2012, m box bewegtbild GmbH offered to produce an idea I had for a 3d short.
The result is “Jumper”, a 45 second 3d animation that follows a hooded mystery man through the underbelly of Berlin’s nightlife.
My aim was to fuse an animated character with the dirt of it´s urban surroundings, to play with extreme light contrasts and to create a unique, dreamlike ambience to compliment extremely loud music changing into quiet atmospherics.